The facts (random ones, that is)

Confession: not long after I started this, I got all angsty because a bunch of the blogs I follow posted all at the same time about how wonderful and supportive the blog network was, blah blah blah – and I didn’t have so much as one crummy comment. However, having people actually read my inane thought processes on infertility weren’t exactly my main motivating factor for starting a blog, so I just let it go and decided not to waste energy worrying about it, particularly as I’d just started.

Then the lovely Swanky Lady at Cystic and Optimistic gave me this…

Apparently my blog is lovely!

…which was awfully nice of her. Because as much as you write these things for yourself, it warms the heart strings to be validated in some sense. And it feels like you are really sharing something, like with Swanky Lady who is also going through the wacky fun adventure times of infertility, and so I would like to thank her publicly for not only this little digital pat on the back, but also for having the bravery and honesty to write a damn fine blog herself. Since then, I have received many warm and supportive comments from fellow infertility bloggers and am starting to get to know you all and become familiar with your own stories.

A condition of receiving this award is sharing seven random facts about yourself, and then passing the blog love onto fifteen other blogs. Rather than writing about each blog, I have put my bloggers into a blogroll over on the right. They are all great, well written and very personal reads and I recommend each and every one of them!

So um, here are my random facts. Enjoy.

1. I once taught myself how to do Rubix Cube by practicing obsessively over a two week period when presumably I had nothing better to do (read: probably had loads better things to do). FACT.

2. I usually don’t mind cats, but I eventually always find myself resenting them for not being dogs. FACT. We want to own one so desperately, but we are only renting and can’t fairly accommodate a pet.

3. I love Studio Ghibli. FACT. Husbandito and I even went to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo last year and it was awesome. My favourite characters are Totoro and Ponyo (because I am, like, five years old) whereas Husbandito prefers some of the more ‘grown-up’ characters like Princess Mononoke. We have a strange collection of Ghibli memorabilia scattered throughout the house, such as this amazing bath toy Ponyo who eats ham.

4. I rode a bicycle 90km from Sydney to Wollongong a couple of years ago. FACT. It took about my friend Carly and I around 6.5 hours (Husbandito did it in around 4). It was part of the Sydney to Gong ride which happens annually to raise money for people living with MS. Collectively we raised just over $1700.

5. I grew up in a small country town in regional New South Wales (Australia). FACT. I didn’t like it very much. My parents are still there, so we visit sometimes. I have no siblings.

6. I get really annoyed by public clocks that are the wrong time. FACT.

7. Husbandito and I first met while working on the Isle of Wight Festival in 2007. FACT. The Rolling Stones were there. So was Mel C from the Spice Girls. He was eating cous cous and had a moustache. Immediately after introducing myself, I apparently ran after someone wearing a Sufjan Stevens t-shirt. I don’t really remember that but it sounds like something I would do.


7 thoughts on “The facts (random ones, that is)

  1. I love Studio Ghibli too! I had no idea there was a museum; looks like I’ll be saving up to go there for my next vacation!

  2. Your blog IS lovely! I’m glad more people have found their way to you. πŸ™‚ #6 bugs the crap out of me, too. There was a giant sign with the time on it right next to my old job and it was always a couple of minutes too fast. I always forgot and thought I was running late!

    • Aw, bless πŸ™‚
      At least your clock wasn’t a few minutes slow though, that would be worse. I hate the ones that just don’t get changed so they are constantly 2:15 or whatever. BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT IS KIND OF NEAR THAT TIME AND I GET VERY CONFUSED!

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